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    Unit One Reserving a table 订座(10)
l2XD+_T H:N"P2|0    1. I want to reserve a room for two hundred people to hold a dinner party.
F-b hk Z_3kJ3N0    我想预定一间能容纳二百人的宴会厅举行晚宴。 航空食品分会)L!MUDi6{t'Y
    2. I’m sorry we are booked out for this evening. 航空食品分会:M7E+Cs7FZ
    抱歉,今晚订满了。 航空食品分会1L,L,p4e2^Qb'E@ i
    3. When do you start to serve dinner in the evening? (When is the restaurant open for breakfast?)
6x F t2C0y,iW0    你们什么时候供应晚餐?(几点供应早餐?)
w{1lh3k1U:u0    4. When are the restaurant hours?
%T#kO)C"U\Q0    餐厅营业时间几点到几点?
n$j RF0s s0    5. But I prefer a table by the window. My wife loves the night view of Shijiazhuang. 航空食品分会D`&Mc Kx9Cl-f7a1P
t L1C(v9d:s} J)T R0    6. I’m sorry,. The tables by the window are all occupied.
s{Bht[6}4ly0    对不起,靠近窗户的桌子全都有人了。
/oD`o l7kh1u0    7.This is “Century Hotel”. Good morning. May I help you?
}x)oWY0    早安,这里是世纪大酒店。能为您效劳吗?
K9w]rC g0    8. We have received many bookings and I cannot guarantee a table by the window.
~'R9?W}g'\0    我们已接到许多预定,因而无法向您保证能有一个靠窗的桌子。
+mS B t9` V0    9.You can be sure that we’ll try our best.
*^-{7~7eG-t0    请相信我们会尽最大努力的。
'[ nf{)^0    10. Thank you for calling, sir. We look forward to your visit.
9h? L:tmR%N0    谢谢您的电话,我们盼望着您的光临。 航空食品分会uRd&qW'OX
    New words and expressions 航空食品分会7d!};tU!g
    reserve v. 预定 航空食品分会0b,p)M/E-x [$F
    hold v 容纳
$L%?ex8dUj0    book v 订购 航空食品分会+b$n)J_ RX8v.i1@
    view n. 景色
} [ knS#G0    occupy v. 占满
3[-z{@p1nd0    guarantee v. 保证 航空食品分会/Jk#W]:i3k3gg~t:dw;y
    look forward to 盼望
C:V;rf_0    Unit Two Receiving a guest 引座(10) 航空食品分会B8fcK)P#p0g2F#l(n+{
    1. Have you got a reservation? 航空食品分会y POX5F-{q sNu
drKe B+{0    2. Just a moment. I’ll take a look at out reservation book. Yes, Mr. Dewey, a table for two, 8 o’clock. Would you come this way, please? 航空食品分会I M`u1Lm!M2F4ll8Kj,J
    请稍候,我查一下我们的预定簿。对了,Dewey先生,二人桌,8点到。请这边走。 航空食品分会'`6yd%D3|4U5x ~i"z
    3. Oh, yes, Mr. Smith. We’ve been expecting you. Would you please come with me? 航空食品分会{tCo9pehB
    噢,史密斯先生,我们正等您呢,请跟我走。 航空食品分会J2X(SK;v8G
    4. Good morning, ladies and gentlemen. Welcome to our restaurant. 航空食品分会z#p.V$GB,s#E
}iXp2u_ d%TG"L0    5. Sorry, sir, all the tables are taken. Would you mind waiting until one is free?
[ xM/V:g~jx+P;W0    对不起,先生,没有空位了,等一会儿好吗? 航空食品分会wo?Gw jn#m}
    6. The buffet is over there. Please help yourself.
G1\C8`0|!Wf L0    自助餐在那边,请自己享用。
!~OSg uMK0    7. I haven’t got a reservation. Can I get a seat anyway?
Ce5t_|o0    没有预约,有位子吗? 航空食品分会^+D? Lia3{
    8.How long is the wait? 航空食品分会0SL9Q.C6jT*PV I
&L@H2Mu`&bW0    9.Would you mind sitting on that side? 航空食品分会h)]i/i.z
H3e3b9LR&^e4g7`6_R%N,V0    10.I’m sorry to have kept you waiting, sir and madam. Now we have a table for you. Would you step this way, please? 航空食品分会3s+sTDF
    对不起,让您久等了。现在有空桌了,请这边来。 航空食品分会&m ]B)s5K/h/_F
    Word and expressions
?)aD sM)V9y:{u0    buffet n. 自助餐
0K/fR]!a eMya0    expect v. 盼望 航空食品分会Uj:v_,X1OL?8y?
    reservation n. 预定 航空食品分会k'_1c7DC9?2|T
    Unit Three Taking orders 点菜(10)
]Z/p_ijA0    1. Dinner or ala carte? 航空食品分会E,PQHs*Qs
    是套菜还是点菜? 航空食品分会3c7L/mC8q.cQD
    2. Today we have chicken noodle, tomato and clam chowder.
k&e PR1a0{7@i0Pf,l0    今天有鸡面、番茄、杂烩汤。
!ya}|!qX}0    3.You want it now or after dinner? 航空食品分会 B C&Q)a}f|(Qk6_
MT"Z)sHnm0    4 How do you like your roast beef, rare, medium or well done? 航空食品分会1_0XE)j l(m
    你们要的烤牛肉是半熟的,适中的,还是熟透的? 航空食品分会Q+s1lX|&r5k `3ul
    5. Ok, here is the menu. Please take your time. The waiter will be with you in a moment. (Here is the menu, I’ll return in a few minutes to take your order.) 航空食品分会)@+c"pe c7Nh6Wm
fsLG_``%p0    6. We can’t read this menu. Could you please explain to us? 航空食品分会]!T|E7vsGH"c*b
~x Lc ~*B@5C0    7. Are you ready to order, gentleman? 航空食品分会!j;E1@/gv.q'Z(O
    可以点菜了吗, 先生?
Ls}1T)ln&sdM4R0    8.I would be interested in Chinese cuisine. Would you recommend something for me?
/@tX8l:G^4y4]g0    我对中国烹饪感兴趣,你能给我推荐几种菜吗? 航空食品分会`;KLk7n-gs:Y'[w)h!A*I/~
    9.Which is the quickest dish you can make? 航空食品分会{7XS.P+pf[
    最快的一道菜是什么? 航空食品分会@ A^{E i7e
    10.I’d like a cup of bean milk, a pie with donkey meat.
"l;G/O*_[)N%A@0    我来一杯豆浆和一个驴肉火烧。 航空食品分会,Y(|`C7gS
    New words and expressions
E'["y3W$I0    Dinner n. 套餐 航空食品分会lgv!B#e.T^9Z
    ala carte n. 自己点的菜 航空食品分会jDlj5JM6brM
    clam chowder n. 杂烩汤 航空食品分会1?E2{h?/vcb
    rare, medium or well done 嫩点、适中还是火大一点 航空食品分会Giivli(G
    menu n. 菜单 航空食品分会x.DM0o:PU3lw
    cuisine n. 菜系
z$dS,xs!I0    bean milk 豆浆
Hx"_zR dL0    Unit Four Recommend the dishes 推荐菜式(10) 航空食品分会pm#ttA/p
    1. We are still looking at the menu. Maybe you could recommend something?
J3o:j,eZ#z oFv&W0    我们正在看菜单,也许您能给我们推荐点什么?
:mwr7@ {OM2E0    2. The T-bone steak is very good. I would suggest that you try that.
#kC)s1A1} x"_0    带骨牛排很好吃。我建议您点这个菜。
7hFoo.|3}(u}$r z0    3.We make some pretty good Crispy Barbecued Duck 航空食品分会3G)aj1UZGT
8o{W_,o]dfF R0    4. We have fresh butterfish from market, would you like to have a try? 航空食品分会sBh e\
aLkc){{ Z"mH0    5.Which soup do you want? We have Eggdrop Soup with Sliced Tomatoes, Famous Hot & Sour Soup.
GIX0da5oKA_0    您来点什么汤?我们有番茄蛋花汤,酸辣汤。 航空食品分会2c0E3Mi5r*Jy-g
    6. We have Cantonese dish and Sichuan dish. Which would you prefer? 航空食品分会8O:x%V/W7i6SnIS'u
    我们有广东菜和四川菜,您喜欢哪一种? 航空食品分会C;Bt9IhU&wLiCg+j
    7. I think our fish will be to your taste. There are three different flavors available. Please try it.
:m i"N3f3p7N0    我想我们的鱼排会适合您的口味。有三种不同风味的鱼排。请您尝试一下。
T/Tz%Oo-B!_:q0    8. It is Duanwu Festival today, would you like some Zongzi?
p'Z2e3]){8|mZg*A0    今天是端午节,来点粽子吗? 航空食品分会'Lk e3C a ucu8L
    9.It’s most economical for a conference banquet. 航空食品分会 q?zccht#z$Xn
    这是举办会议宴会最经济的。 航空食品分会'eK2HZ!Kr/S/l
    10. “Small potato” is very famous here, would you like some? 航空食品分会8qMY.L*C i _!ZN
)BU'_E,A-{+dD h.f#U0    New words and expressions
K k/wa-uc l4q0    recommend v.推荐
5U6tI/H)Y4sn P L Z0    T-bone steak 带骨牛排 航空食品分会(K{j7sp!b {
    Crispy Barbecued Duck脆皮鸭 航空食品分会,ZoP,|i+j$u
    Eggdrop Soup 蛋花汤
pO{){Fxl*\#j0    Available adj. (指物)可用的,可以得到的 航空食品分会 m:gogH6GoO9Aa
    Festival n.节日

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