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    Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport LSG Sky Chefs Co., Ltd, a joint venture between the Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport Interest Co .,Ltd  and  LSG Asia GmbH, was established on 31 March, 2004 with total investment of 150 Millions RMB.


    公司的合资双方通过强强联合拥有丰富的航空配餐经验、精湛的航空餐食制作技术和有效的航空配餐经营管理办法。公司通过引进先进的餐饮设备,现已建成占地29000平方米的生产场所(其中配餐大楼占地达12066平方米),每日最大配餐量可达18000份。航空食品分会,F R-M [/UN

    With a long history in providing air catering services, both of our parent companies are experts in catering industry, which is enable us to share invaluable catering experience, superior food production technology and business operation management skill. Equipped with advanced equipments and glorious manufacturing building which covers 29,000 square metres (includes the catering building covering 12,066 square metres), our company reaches a maximum capacity of 18,000 meals per day.航空食品分会5g4T a`L*B1~xa^

    公司位于中国首家按中枢机场理念设计和建设的新白云国际机场,这里迅速发展的民航业务为公司的腾飞打下了十分扎实的基础。航空食品分会] dXP~1L-{6u

    Our company locates in Baiyun International Airport, which is the first airport designed and built specifically around the “hub airport concept” in the mainland China . The rapidly developed commercial aviation service of the Airport has built a stable foundation for our future development.



    Various meal options航空食品分会}EfxU7^



    In terms of meal development, our company is aiming to achieve three different goals.  They are: 航空食品分会F gh.hje"Q

    Firstly, to provide delicious meals with high standard, and excellent quality to our customers;航空食品分会Q tu!D&|@U

    Secondly, to develop different tastes and integrate some new elements into our menu by combining Chinese style and western style in our food production technology. We have already integrated the eight main local Chinese cooking styles into the western meals in order to offer more choices to our customers; 航空食品分会 q%RVV'h x

    Thirdly, to continue developing our specialty: Canton food. By providing local style food to different customers, Canton eating culture can then be spread around the world.   航空食品分会o _5w7X'iB ^?


    In addition to providing ordinary meals, we also provide special-ordered meals to our customers. We provide many options for the special orders, which include:


    Diabetic Meal、No Lactose Meal、Gluten Free Meal、Low Calorie Low Fat Meal、Low Protein Meal、Low Sodium Meal、Purine Meal、Child Meal、Low Cholesterol Meal、High Fiber Meal、Seafood Meal、Fruit Plate Meal/ Raw Vegetable Meal Vegetarian-ovolacto Meal、Asian Vegetarian Meal、Hindu Meal、Oriental Vegetarian Meal、Muslim Meal.航空食品分会aI| Z)O ZS(Y1H



    前景展望航空食品分会 \s:aNPIB

    Our vision 航空食品分会)O7^0O%o)Z$N hrzX

    回眸过去,我们感叹万千,在公司的前进与发展过程中,在全体员工共同努力下航空配餐服务水平不断提高。立足今日,我们踌躇满志,新的国际航空配餐业务的开发为我们公司的发展壮大源源不断地输入了动力。展望未来,我们充满希望,三大公司的强强联合,将进一步盘活资源,实现优势互补,广州白云国际机场汉莎航空食品有限公司将不断拓展航空食品发展空间,将航空配餐服务越做越好。航空食品分会kE g(`h

    Reviewing the past, we have had a wonderful and valuable experience.  Owing to the great effort being put into our company by of all the staffs, our service standard have been raising continuously.  In the future, we are full of hope. The combination of the power from the three parent companies provides us with an infinite potential, helps us to strengthen our competitiveness, optimizes our resources and becomes an expert in different aspects. These advantages will definitely help us in our business expansion in the foreseeable future. Above all, we will continue to do our best and bring true excellence to our customers in the coming years.

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服务宗旨:航空食品分会8vONwx wp'h#H


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Our principal: “accomplish more than what our customers require, do better than what our customers expect”




    争创服务品牌,加强与国际接轨,航空食品分会(J K(mi5\;a-em/J0X


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Our guideline: “to create a super brand of our service, to align with the international standard, to develop new market and to gain high profit by providing outstanding quality products.”


质量方针:安全、稳定的品质保证航空食品分会p$Jk6YDZ c.hc

先进、严格的科学管理航空食品分会(M\] t B

优质、和谐的顾客服务航空食品分会f.k Z]+Ht} uTu)Z

Guideline for quality pursuing:


l      Secure and stable quality guarantee;航空食品分会!X,|8q0h @+l CW

l      Advanced and strict scientific management;航空食品分会 C3]-r!mbcyk8{

l      Outstanding and refined customer services.

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1n'v nA4f0经营范围:

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K-b$IA2Pl]A Gr i0Our business

O!um9?$[`ML0 航空食品分会-M&MHMKND4B


Y iY5J\x|%s*J0 航空食品分会 HB(hM6f


航空食品分会7Z3R+L e@s8{/{z

In-flight meal production (including Halal meal); Chinese and Western meals、drinks 、in-flight supplements、souvenirs、 storage service、food-related production purchase and distribution。



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M*a?D'?0Stringent purchasing standard航空食品分会m-x i/n.J8iEah7N"|

z)Kyc r cGF&~`0公司对供应商及其产品进行严格的评审和检验,只使用评审合格的供应商供应的检验合格原料,从第一工序确保航空餐食安全。公司采购部还综合考虑原料的消耗量、原料贮存情况、原料供应受季节变化影响情况及运输时间来准确计算鲜活原料的使用量,采取适量多次的订购方法严格控制采购数量,保证了原料的新鲜。航空食品分会*]Wo$w!Lr

%F$o3v$rl&H7K5~0Stringent standard and evaluation system have been applied to our suppliers and their products. Only qualified products supplied by qualified suppliers will be accepted.


8V N+|xv dNu v0We emphasize the food safety from the very beginning. Meanwhile, by correcting and analyzing various specific data which includes material consumption, inventory documentation, seasonal influence and transportation timing, our purchasing department is able to calculate accurate figures on the actual consumption for different materials.

4Z,\*C rrqz$`0 航空食品分会#`OEO!~wEYM

We also adopt the strategy of “attaining accurate quantity by frequent ordering” to guarantee the freshness of our raw materials.

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(T9l"u5E;F"MBZ Cd0Standard meal production


)gk9s~qdCY0岗位分工合理明确是保证生产部高效率运转的前提,生产部下设 “预加工”“中厨房”、“西厨房”、“冷厨房”、“面点加工间”、“甜品间”、“清真房”、“日本厨房”“中厨摆餐间”“综合摆餐间”等专门的配餐间,在每个配餐间里,又有专门的岗位分工,并形成了工作标准,厨房员工各司其职。


Pr2gk.CDn0Owing to an effective division of labour, we are enjoying high efficiency in our production department.  The work has been divided among different sections which consist of pre-production department, Chinese kitchen, Western kitchen, cold kitchen, pastry, dessert kitchen, Halo kitchen, Japanese kitchen, Chinese trays setting department and general tray setting department. In addition, our staffs are being assigned with different areas of responsibility in each department to create an efficient and effective workforce.航空食品分会zQ0\ Cv



,C t$j4vVV+Q7z-u s0 航空食品分会[Ha\c?

Integrated quality control system航空食品分会hw1c*k.|6c-{l

航空食品分会 SWS+f%zk


:fI] n Li"~&S%z0

8v v3@'Y$qhKYm0Quality control is always the key point emphasized by the administrators. Thus, we have established the quality control department- QA department. As a result, our production system are running under the regulation of ISO9001 standard, 2000 quality management system and HACCP food safety management system. Furthermore, we have joined the Lufthansa global quality control system (GQS), which has greatly shifted our service level beyond the requirement of our customers (especially those of our foreign airline companies).



AWdrVIKs"TM0 航空食品分会-OFp.i5w-E;Dbz1]

1、食品安全方面。通过建立HACCP食品安全体系,确定了6个关键控制点,10个控制点,确保食品安全。航空食品分会Q/ROvKE{^#G t




*w:A.K-R)V/g+b&]0In terms of food quality management, great attention has been paid to two different aspects: food safety and quality:

-QD E#u2Kn&s4`0

IBn afx4u01. Food safety. By introducing HACCP food safety system, we have established 6 key control points and 10 normal control points to guarantee food safety;

m"O!X7A _jK({0

/a];Sc8A'd$xbr6I02. Food quality. By following the purchasing specification, menu specification and loading diagram, executing periodic meal weight checking and food quality inspection, we have built up a solid regulation base for providing qualified food to the airline companies.

[osq#HL A0 航空食品分会0au!|;Ll/g"J


:wN!CZ-? L0高效快捷的餐食配送航空食品分会q1`Dy)V)l M

Cc+B-Rm-?k0Efficient and effective meal delivery航空食品分会y:SV-B&XbWw o8Mp


准确快捷的离港系统:保证航班信息及时有效传达到公司生产部门。航空食品分会YE8k6Xr.NQ{IHbz r

v,i0u9b`J c_Fv?0强大的配送协调能力:装备齐全、数量巨大的食品配送车,耐心细致、训练有素的食品配送人员。航空食品分会Y[,sj!P+c0Y


Accurate and efficient flight departure system: play an important role in distributing flight information to different departments.


9\ Zg(|0U0Strong capacity in meal delivery: the dispatching department has introduced fully equipped delivery trucks and a well-trained drivers’ team.

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j b/\}] k&C:k0高雅清幽的试餐环境


I%a9\}2Im,y.tJpk(?0Elegant meal-tasting environment航空食品分会jX x%rz {)J

I6OlfV$P S0贵宾室内,格调高雅、环境清幽。展厅南连备餐房,北接试餐室。窗明几净,帷外风光争入镜;回廊曲折,架上航模竞先飞。紫屏之后,芭蕉展翠;博古架上,水晶现紫。好一个品尝美食的好地方!航空食品分会+R^(TN7r#W

航空食品分会4["M hWZ:K$F:l(h

A lofty environment created in our VIP room is provided to our distinguished guests for enjoying the meal tasting.

EaU.EI^0 航空食品分会7zd8[,b7|N)\3y8_v0H9z


v^fh)P!Y#v%B G0

R gA4R*p0Comprehensive safety monitoring system航空食品分会*|"N^C?`&A$Y2FIY%C

V#q2dL'w]QI0安检门:通过设立金属物品探测仪,对进入配餐大楼的人员进行检测,防止外来人员带入影响航空餐食安全的物品。航空食品分会|\%r \HN

D`)y3}m0Metallic detector: by installing the metallic detecting system, we have implemented stringent checking process to each entering person. The system can effectively prevent the outsider from bringing in forbidden items affecting our food safety.

1gWFwH0 航空食品分会-v/Y S?;Gd-h'v(cE


,M7h.Y XI'@;HE b0

Qp*g TT'h&E0Monitoring control room: we have implemented a general monitoring system in the building that each and every corner is under surveillance at all times.  The adoption of this system guarantees the safety of our food production building.


&Q)]^)EK]5A_0Advanced catering facilities

'YKJ[/`m.u"Z0 航空食品分会6YC!QD$C:["|7O

为更好地满足日益增长的市场需求,公司不断引进国内外航空配餐领域的先进设备, 至今为止设备总价值达7千万元人民币。一系列的烹饪、清洗、蒸汽、搅拌、包装、配电、软水、空调、冷库、抗菌风道、弱电监控等设备和品控实验室、洗衣房配套设备提高了工作效率,提供了品质保证,提升了配餐水平。航空食品分会h}-m LH,NRzv

航空食品分会5GQ me/W ?s

In order to become a leader in the in-flight catering service industry and to fulfill the needs of the expanding market, our company has been sourcing advanced equipments from all over the world. Until now, the total value of our equipment amounts to 70 million RMB.  Our equipments include a series of cooking, baking, washing, steam-handling, stirring, packing, power supplying, soft water, air-condition, chiller controlling, anti-bacteria ventilation channel and the electricity level monitoring facilities.  The quality control laboratory and the supplementary laundry facility have also greatly enhanced our working efficiency and raised our service level.

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